The BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES Circuit is a set of four ultra-distance and semi-self-reliance mountain races that links the three Basque and Navarre capitals throughout four year along mountain routes. The four stages/races will have a length of between 110 and 140 kilometers each and add up to 500 kilometers. The races will take place every year,  to give participants time to recover physically and be able to complete the challenge of linking the four cities.

The BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES circuit was born with the intention of promoting the values ​​of mountaineering – respect and knowledge of nature through physical exercise – and of spreading the natural and landscape richness of the geography of Euskal Herria. (Basque Country).

Along these lines, the circuit promotes, on the one hand, the marked trails (GR’s, PR’s, and Camino de Santiago) and on the other hand the recovery and maintenance of trails and mountain paths through which the routes run, in close collaboration with the Institutions and or bodies involved.

At the same time, one of the most important values ​​of the BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES circuit is the absolute respect for an environment to be preserved for its high natural, scenic and cultural values. Likewise, the organization of the event will promote the sustainable and responsible use of the natural spaces in which the event is developed.

In its layout, the runner will be able to test his athletic and technical skills in a mountain environment, with altitudes that reach up to 1,500 meters and surfaces that alternate land, meadow and rock. An ideal framework to imbue the values ​​of mountaineering and trail running, to test the personal boundaries of each one and to measure themselves in clean competition with the rest of participants.

The BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES Circuit will have an absolute general classification (masculine and feminine) that will be used to decide the winners of the prizes awarded by the Circuit. This classification will be based on a score awarded in each race.

Each of the four races that make up the BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES Circuit will award a number of points to the participants according to their classification.

The score that the winner of each of the first three races will get is 100 points, while the one of the fourth race is 150 points:

  • Bilbao – Gasteiz…………………………………………………………. 100 points
  • Gasteiz – Iruñea………………………………………………………… 100 points
  • Iruñea – Donostia………………………………………………………. 100 points
  • Donostia – Bilbao……………………………………………………….. 150 points

The score of the first 10 in each race will be as follows:

Bilbao-Gasteiz    Gasteiz-Iruñea      Iruñea-Donostia     Donostia-Bilbao

1º……. 100 points               100 points               100 points                  150 points

2º…….   90 points                 90 points                 90 points               130 points

3º…….   80 points                80 points                 80 points                 110 points

4º…….   75 points                75 points                 75 points                 100 points

5º……    70 points                70 points                 70 points                   90 points

6º……    65 points                65 points                 65 points                   85 points

7º……    60 points                60 points                 60 points                   80 points

8º……    55 points                55 points                 55 points                   75 points

9º……    50 points                50 points                 50 points                   70 points

10º……  45 points                45 points                 45 points                   65 points

From the tenth place, the score will desdend point by point for each position until it reachs 1 point. All finishers will add at least one point.

The final classification of the circuit will be established by the sum of the three best scores of the races. In this way, if a runner has participated in the four races of the Circuit, he will be able to discount the one in which he has obtained the worst score.

The winner of the BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES Circuit will be the participant who accumulates the most points after the conclusion of the four events.

To aim for the cash prizes, it is necessary to participate in a minimum of two of the four scoring trails of the BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES Circuit. One of those two tests must be the fourth scoring trail (Donostia – Bilbao).

Article 11.1: Prizes in each scoring race of the Circuit

All participants who finish the race within the maximun time limit stipulated by the organization will be able to download a diploma from the web that certifies that they have completed the route.

In addition, they will receive a gift in their condition of finisher when returning the chip at the finish line.

For positions, the prizes will be the following ones:

(Male and female categories of any age)

  • 1st. € 1,000 + txapela (traditional Basque beret) + trophy
  • 2nd.   € 500 + trophy
  • 3rd.    € 250 + trophy

Trophy for the top three veteran categories (male and female), Master (male and female) and teams.

Article 11.2: BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES Circuit Awards

For positions, the prizes will be the following ones:

(Male and female categories of any age)

  • 1st. € 2.000 + txapela (traditional Basque beret) + trophy
  • 2nd.€ 1.000 + trophy
  • 3rd.   € 500 + trophy
  • 4th.   € 250
  • 5th.   € 100

In addition, all participants who have completed the four scoring races will receive a gift as finisher of the BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES Circuit.

Article 11.3: Gazteiz-Antsoain (Iruñea) TXIKI Awards

The prizes will be awarded by position as follows:

(Male and Female categories of any age).

  • 1st. € 300 + trophy + txapela
  • 2nd. € 200 + trophy
  • 3rd. € 100 + trophy

In addition, the first three classified in the Veterans (male and female) and Master (male and female) categories will receive a trophy.

It will be compulsory for all participants who complete the podium in the different categories to be present at the awards ceremony on the day and time scheduled by the organization, which will be duly announced on the web ( The participant’s absence at this ceremony implies the loss of their right to receive the corresponding prize, except absence allowed by the organization.

All cash prizes will be subject to withholdings according to the current legislation.

Organizer: Trail 52 Sport Mendi Kluba

Director General: Fernando Pérez

Race Director: Oihan Arzua

Coordinator Start/Finish Line: Raquel Mateos

Timing: Live Trail

Coordinator routes: Fenando Pérez / Oihan Arzua

Responsible for security: Kepa Lizarraga

Financial responsable: Raquel Mateos

Responsible for registration: Raquel Mateos

Press officer: Ana Larizgoitia

Volunteer coordinator: Raquel Mateos

Medical assistance: Kepa Lizarraga

Coordinator check points , solid and liquids suplies: Cristina Valderrey

Runway lighting: Fernando Mateos


The BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES circuit is inspired by the deed carried out by the well-known mountaineer, Sheve Peña, in 1953.

It consisted of joining a march on foot and by mountain the three Basque capitals and Navarre. Shebe Peña carried out the walk without stopping between May 25 and 28.

It was called the March of the Four Cathedrals, since the mountaineer, undoubtedly imbued with the religious spirit of the time, listened to mass in the cathedral of each of the cities before going on his way.

Sheve Peña, who was then 45 years old, prepared and organized the march for months, taking care of every detail: crossing and resting points, food, companions, moon phase, etc. Finally, on Monday, May 25, he left the Bilbao Cathedral of Santiago at 00.00 hours.

The destination of his march was Donostia / San Sebastián-Iruña-Pamplona-Vitoria / Gasteiz-Bilbao. After 400 kilometers, 7,400 meters of positive elevation difference and 93 hours and 5 minutes of walking, of which 66h.25 ‘correspond to the time of active march, on Thursday, May 28, the mountaineer returned to the portico of the Bilbao Cathedral.

Many miles away and coinciding with the Gipuzkoan mountaineer in the Himalayas, a British expedition was the first to conquer Everest (8,848 m). On May 29, New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay became the first humans to tread the highest summit on the planet.

That coincidence gave rise to the title of the book that was published with the gestation of Sheve Pena, ‘At the same time that Hillary and Tenzing …’. The work, small format but with full details and information on the march, was sold for ten pesetas and the profit obtained from the sale was 5,000 pesetas, which were allocated to the Santa Casa de Beneficencia, nowadays called Residencia Yurreamendi , in Tolosa.



The races that make up the BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES SERIES run in many sections through Natural Park and in general along protected spaces that require a special care and respect by all the parties involved in the race: organization, volunteers, public and participants.

Two of the main values ​​on which the BASQUE ULTRA TRAIL SERIES Circuit is based is sustainability and respect for the environment. To this end, the organization will do its utmost and all the means at its disposal to ensure and make ensure that the environmental impact of the races is minimized.

  • Use recycled, reusable or biodegradable materials.
  • Remove all beacons and marks indicative of the routes and, in any case, to eliminate as soon as possible any type of residue that may have been produced by the races.
  • All food from the refreshment stations will be served in reusable trays.
  • At the refreshment posts there will be no cups to avoid, as far as possible, the generation of garbage. Each participant must carry a recyclable container (cup, drum or other container) with a minimum capacity of 30 cl. Exceptionally, they can be used in the first refreshment post of the races to avoid crowds.
  • Each participant must legibly mark their bib number, with a permanent marker, in the wrappers of bars, gels, food bags, etc., to avoid that, once used, the wrappings are left in the itinerary.
  • The organization will provide each participant with a cup to use at the refreshment posts and a small reusable bag-mesh to store the garbage generated during the race, which must be deposited in the containers provided at these refreshment posts.
  • It is obligatory to follow the marked path, without shortening or stopping it, especially those stretches that run off tracks or paths and protected natural areas, as this entails irreversible erosion and an immediate degradation of the terrain.
  • Dropping waste along the route will be a reason for disqualification.
  • There will be different containers in all the refreshment posts to separate the waste.
  • Containers will be provided for the collection of depleted batteries at all refreshment points. In this sense, the organization recommends the use of rechargeable batteries.
  • The Basque Circuit Ultra Trail Series wants to highlight the fact of the importance of sustainable mobility. To this end, the organization will provide the participants, accompanying people and spectators with a network of buses for traveling to different points along the route, with the aim of reducing, as far as possible, the volume of private vehicles along the route.
  • The organization of the Basque Circuit Ultra Trail Series calls for all people who come to the race to use the public transport network to reach the starting and finishing zones and to move about during the race.






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