From the organization of the Gasteiz-Iruñea race, the second scoring event of the II Basque Ultra Trail Series Circuit, we inform you of the following news about the race, which will take place from May 1 to 3, 2020.


  • The finish line will be in the municipality of Ansoáin / Antsoain, in the Plaza Consistorial and all its logistics (reception of racers, showers, supplies, rest areas and massage..) in the municipal facilities near the square.

We have been forced to make this change due to the prohibition by the City Council of Iruñea / Pamplona for the races to end in the Plaza del Castillo, and although the finish line was already located in that place in BUTS 2017, they indicate that “This area is very emblematic of the city and in which  a lot of activities are done”


  • The ascent to Mount Olarizu, at kilometer 4 of the race, is suppressed, due to the environmental protection laws created by the Town Council of Vitoria/Gasteiz for the environment of the area and which oblige all races that take place in that environment.


  • The refreshment post at the top of Marabileta mountain will be located at the top of Laminoria, on the road between Ullibari / Jauregi and the mining exploitation of Laminoria, because  it is a place with better access for the race´s  services and the public . Also, the refreshment post of Legaire is suppressed by the proximity to Opakua.


  • These modifications have allowed us to make some changes to the route to increase the safety of the runners in some parts of the race. You can check and download the updated track of the race on the Basque Ultra Trail Series Circuit website.



We apologize for these last minute changes and we hope that the modifications will improve the route and the attention to the participants in the race