Enrollment for Ultra Trail Bocineros-Deiadar Xtreme 2019 will begin December 3, 2018


Starting Monday, December 3rd, there will be more than 1,500 spaces available for all the combined circuits of the Ultra Trail Bocineros-Deiadar Xtreme 2019



From September 14 to 16, 2019 Bizkaia will be the scene of one of the premier events for trail running.



Bilbao, November 14, 2018


With the memory of the first race still fresh in mind, Ultra Trail Bocineros-Deiadar Xtreme 2019 is excited to announce the opening of enrollment. More than 1,500 bib numbers are available for the three races and five popular circuits. The circuit will return to the five Bocineros mountains of Bizkaia. Departure and arrival of all three races will be from the town of Gernika.


From September 13 to 15, 2019, Bizkaia will be the scene of one of the most important trail running events in Basque Country and the entire nation.


Runners experience the beauty of the mountains and landscapes, the warmth of the public, and dozens of villages. The race embodies values such as sustainability and the overcoming spirit.


Almost half of Spanish provinces and half a dozen PA countries came together at the starting line for the inaugural event. Trail 52 Sport Mendi Kluba aspires to surpass this level of participation during our second season.


The Ultra Trail Bocineros-Deiadar Xtreme begins its second event with the firm purpose of continuing to grow as an international benchmark with different races of varying distances, for all type of runners and skill levels.

Three races: Know Bizkaia as you never imagined


Deiadar Xtreme, the Queen test of the Ultra trail Bocineros-Deadar Xtreme, is the most difficult but also the most grandiose. 200 runners can register individually or in pairs to traverse the 200km trail and 11,000 meters of elevation gain done is a semi-self sufficient way. This route passes over and through the mountain range of Bizkaia, a score of summits among them, the five mountains of Bocineros, dozens of villages, the three headquarters of the Bizkaia government, and the parliament building of this historical territory.  Origins date back to the middle ages when legendary bocineros blew longhorns to gather people. The Bocineros-Deadar Xtreme is a great adventure that gathers and tests the bravest runners, who will have a time limit of 56 hours to finish the race.

The Ultra Deiadar will be 5km shorter than last year for a total round figure of 100km and 5,000m of elevation that participants must complete in a maximum of 24 hours. In the inaugural year, this was the most popular circuit of the Bocineros-Deiadan Xtreme. In 2019, the number of available bibs will be increased to 350.


This year once again, runners will ascend two of the Bocineros Mountains, Sollube and Oiz. The ascent to Oiz will have a new route from Munitibar to avoid converging with the Deiadar Xtreme. This will not be the only change. Other surprises should be expected by the participants, including an explosive ascent to another emblematic summit of Urdabai.


The Deiader marathon also “loses some weight” to meet the required 42km  of the distance and 2,100m of elevation. The race still travels along the left bank of Urdaibai. Therefore, it does not lose any of the beauty or difficulty previously experienced. 500 bib numbers are available for this incredible mountain itinerary overlooking the Cantabrian Sea and the Mundaka estuary, which ascends among others, a Bocinero: the Sollube.


The Five Marches: Know the Bocineros Mountains and encourage the runners


In addition to the three races, non-competitive circuits will be reorganized in the five Bocineros Mountains. This way the general public can easily follow the competition. Each of them will have 100 registrations available. At the top of each of the five Bocineros summits there will be viewing locations where general public can also cheer and encourage competitive runners. Three of the races will include running at night, which will provide an added incentive for the participants.


An Event of Great Value for Bizkaia


The Ultra Trail Bocineros-Deiada Xtreme configures an event of great importance for Bizkaia that leaves a great economic footprint in the region. More than 600 people from Basque Country, all over Spain, in addition to half a dozen other countries, traveled to Bizkaia for the inaugural event. This included those participating in any of the races, volunteers and those supporting the runners. The economic impact resulted in a thousand overnight stays and a financial benefit of roughly 300,000 euros.


Repeating the success of the inaugural year involves detailed organization, essential support of sponsors, dedicated work of more than 500 volunteers, and assistance from the health and safety service personal. The culmination will make The Ultra Trail Bocineros-Deiadas Xtreme 2019 an event to remember. This will be an unforgettable event for its participants and of great value for Bizkaia.