Dear runner,

You will participate in the Bilbao-Gasteiz of the Basque Ultra Trail Series Circuit. We are sending you a series of recommendations and instructions.  Please, read them carefully.

At the end of this document you will find a questionnaire. Please, fill it out and return it to us. This will help us to better manage the overall race.


We recommend that you carefully read the rules of the Circuit . In it you will find all the technical data and the necessary information to participate in the race (compulsory material, time limits, penalties, etc).

Race program

Racers’ Schedules can be found in the Race Program

. Important schedules include collection of bibs, pasta party, delivery of the bags for the Base of Life and the backpack for the finish line, control of access to the departure area , exit, etc.

Bib pick up

The bib pick up and compulsory material control will be at Calle Santa María 1, very close to the starting line of the race.

Please consult the Race Program for Bib pick-up times.

Compulsory material

To pick up the bib you must first pass the compulsory material control, where the volunteers will check that you have all the material required in the regulations. You can not participate in the race if you do not pass the compulsory material control. Review the material you must provide by consulting the Race Regulations (Article 23).

Keep in mind that depending on the weather conditions, the organization can add to the mandatory material that only appears as recommended or advised; even crampons (lightweight). In that case, we will communicate via email in the days leading up to the race (we will also announce it on the web and on social networks).

The organization will perform random checks of compulsory material at the race control points. Therefore, you must carry all the compulsory material with you throughout the race. Article 25 of the Regulations of the Circuit explains the penalties for not carrying obligatory material.

Pasta Party

On Friday, February 22, between 20:00 and 22:30 hours, the organization will offer all runners a Pasta Party on the premises of Calle Santa María 1. The menu will be macaroni, rice salad and fruit. People accompanying you may also enjoy the menu at the pasta party if they have been identified on the form that you must fill in during the bib number collection process. The price of the menu for accompanying persons is 5 euros each.


We place a special emphasis on waste collection. At all aid stations you will have an area to deposit waste selectively: paper (blue container), plastics (yellow container), other waste (green container). Please, deposit your waste properly. In addition, during the delivery of the bib numbers we will give you a bag to keep your waste between aid stations. It is prohibited and penalized to throw waste (e.g. remains of gels) during the journey. All wrappers and gels that you have must have your number written on them. This will be checked at the material control when collecting the bib and again in the runners starting area prior to departure..

Starting Line Area

The organization will set up a starting line area with exclusive access for participants prior to the starting line (located on the esplanade of the Arriaga Theater). It will open an hour before the departure time (24:00 on Friday, February 24). To access it you must pass a material control and a chip activation control. Please arrive early enough to pass through both controls avoiding crowds and last minute rush. The participants will have access to liquid refreshments (water,  coffee and broth).

Finish Line

At the finish line area of Mendizorroza, there will be refreshments. The full provisioning of services will be in the sports facilities of Mendizorroza. There are designated areas for ​​showers, massages, rest and collection for finishers’ backpacks.

Transfer from Vitoria / Gasteiz to Bilbao

On Friday, February 22 we set up a parking lot in Mendizorroza (finish area) so that runners can leave their vehicles (cars, caravans, etc.). The organization makes available to all participants a bus service from Vitoria / Gasteiz at 19:00 in Mendizorroza to the starting line to Plaza del Arriaga (Bilbao).

The bus service is also available for those who are accompanying the runners. The price for the bus service for accompaying is 10 euros per person (5 euros for children under 12).

To be able to use this service it is essential to register in the questionnaire.


Race Track

The definitive track of the race is already available on the web. We recommend that you take it on your gps device as an additional security measure.


All participants will carry a satellite tracking beacon (GPS) to guarantee your safety. The GPS will be placed in your backpack when receiving the bib number and you will have to carry it until the end of the race.

Due to the high cost of the equipment, there is a mandatory deposit of 20 euros that will be returned to you at the finish line once the race is completed. Please note that we will only accept the deposit in the form of a 20 euro note.

Finally, we recommend installing the Alpify app on your mobile phone. This way, if there is an incident, the assistance services can locate you more quickly.

We hope you enjoy the race. Please fill the questionnaire. before Monday, February 11

Warm regards,

Basque Trail Ultra Trail Series Organizing Committee